Ensuring transport services

International transport of the goods bought in our antique shop is provided by the dispatch company of Spedia, s. r. o.

This company has long-term experience with delivering fragile and antique goods worldwide. Among the complex services that it provides include especially:

  • Packing of the parcel – depending on the character of the item – on pallets, into cardboard boxes or wooden cases filled with paper wool, security sheetings or polyurethane foam. Longtime experience with transporting fragile and valuable goods are the best guarantee of safe delivery.
  • Customs dealings - by the way of indirect representation in the sense of the Law 13/1993 of the Collection Sb. in the wording of latter regulations.
  • Parcel insurance - against damage or loss during transportation is provided by contract by Česká pojišťovna, a. s.

Way of transportation

Depending on the type of the parcel and its destination, the Spedia, s. r. o. company offers several different ways of delivery, from which we use mostly transport by:

  • truck – for larger items such as outsize paintings, furniture, larger sculptures and similar within Europe.
  • airfreight – for fast but costly intercontinental transport of larger items.

The particular way of transport of your parcel will be discussed with you by a representative of our company after sending a noncommittal order from our catalogue.

Monitoring the parcel

The Spedia, s. r. o. company enables its customers to monitor the state of the delivery of the parcel on-line on its websites. After handing the goods over to the dispatch service you will receive from our seller an eight-digit numerical code which you can use at the websites of the company of Spedia, s. r. o., to check the state of delivery of your parcel.

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